About me

I am a second-year Ph.D. student at MIT EECS & LIDS, advised by Asu Ozdaglar. I am closely working with Kaiqing Zhang.

My current research interest is multi-agent learning:

  • Intersection of Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning and Game Theory
  • Alignment between humans and AI.
  • Deep Learning (Theory): Large Language Model Theory and Diffusion Model.

I worked with Prof. Taesung Park and Ernest K. Ryu at Seoul National University. Also, I did a research internship in NAVER AI Lab, advised by Sangdoo Yun and Sanghyuk Chun. I researched Deep Learning Theory with Computer Vision.

I have held a certification in Korean actuary since 2018.

I run ML-Theory-Korea with my colleagues. I like to talk about the theory or application of deep learning (diffusion model, prompt engineering…) and (multi-agent) reinforcement learning. Feel free to email me (cpark97 at mit.edu). We are actively researching several areas.


  • September 2023: I am honored to be selected as Siebel Scholars Recipient.
  • September 2023: Papers on Markov Network Games and H-duality are accepted at NeurIPS 2023.
  • July 2023: Paper on a H-duality accepted as an oral presentation (3 out of all submissions) in Duality Principles for Modern ML, ICML 2023.
  • September 2022: Paper on a Loss function perspective of mixed sample data augmentation accepted at NeurIPS 2022. This work was done when I was an intern at NAVER AI Lab. I got NeurIPS travel awards!
  • September 2022: I started my PhD at MIT! I also got a Xianhong Wu Fellowship from MIT.


Email: cpark97[at]mit.edu