About me

I’m Chanwoo Park. I am a first-year Ph.D. student at MIT EECS & LIDS, advised by Asu Ozdaglar. I am closely working with Kaiqing Zhang.

My current research interests are:

  • Intersection of (Multi-agent) Reinforcement Learning Theory, Game Theory, and Statistics
  • Deep Learning Theory: Self Supervised Learning and Diffusion Model
  • Equivariant Neural Networks (RL, DL)

Fortunately, as an undergraduate student, I worked with Prof. Taesung Park and Prof. Ernest K. Ryu at Seoul National University. Also, I did a research internship in NAVER AI Lab, advised by Sangdoo Yun and Sanghyuk Chun. I researched Deep Learning Theory with Computer Vision.

I am supported by Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. Super thanks!

I am holding the certification in Korean actuary since 2018.

I run ML-Theory-Korea with my colleagues. I like to talk about the theory or application of deep learning (diffusion model, prompt learning…) and (multi-agent) reinforcement learning. Feel free to email me (cpark97 at mit.edu). We are actively researching on several areas.


~2020 * **July 2020:** Started internship in [Ryu Optimization Group](http://www.math.snu.ac.kr/~ernestryu/). * **December 2019:** Paper on [propensity score matching](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6944048/) accepted at **Genomics & Informatics** (Best Student Paper Award). * **June 2019:** Started internship in [BIBS](http://bibs.snu.ac.kr/). * **September 2018:** Hold a qualification in [Korea actuary](https://www.actuary.or.kr/about/about.asp).


Email: cpark97[at]mit.edu